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shoutout to for having the same layout since the beginning of time

no they don’t. i joined in 2003. it changed like, two or three things since then. totally.

and really, giving shoutouts to ffn is kind of funny to begin with…

i joined in 1998 trust me they have had a lot of layout changes

you used to be able to rate stories on a scale from 1 to 10 and also some fic authors had random little ~~~fic writing~~~ columns on the right hand side and you used to be able to email xing 

this is the most embarrassing you guys have ever been

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“The fugitives were far from their master’s dwelling,” ”Before him lay the fantastic palace,” & “Run! Run! We are in the wood of Tontla!” from Fairy Tales of the Baltic Shores, folk-lore and stories from Estonia, illustrated by Jeannette Berkowitz (1930)

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Bookstore by Owshieannarose



“thumbprint portrait” by cheryl sorg

(have a look at her etsy shop)


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Duluth Public Library’s “large print” books


Duluth Public Library’s “large print” books

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